Natural Stone Splitting

We are the pioneer manufacturer of Natural Stone Splitting Presses in Turkey, with more than 200 machines installed in various queries, mines and factories all around Turkey and in the neighboring countries.

Our Turn-key Natural Stone Splitting Plants optimize our customers’ production capacity & quality and consist of:

  • Natural Stone Splitting Presses
  • Conveyors
  • Lifting Cranes
  • Transfer Trolleys
  • Transport
  • Packing Lines

Our New Generation Servo Controlled MTS 350 Stone Splitting Press, which we have developed as a result of our extensive Research & Development Studies and in-depth experience in the Natural Stone sector, ensures higher performance, energy saving and maintainability.

Advantages of New Generation Servo Controlled MTS 350 Stone Splitting Press

  • Energy saving up to 40%
  • 4 times longer-lasting pump life
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Maintainability & easy troubleshooting
  • %85 lower hydraulic oil requirement
  • Low and constant oil temperature
  • Eliminates the need for an oil cooling system
  • Environment friendly – Eliminates oil leakage
  • Higher performance – Guarantee of continuous workability at same speed & efficiency
  • Long-lasting, improved technology, hydraulic parts & electronic parts
  • Remote machine control using wireless & GSM technologies (Optional)
  • Saves space & More ergonomic & User-friendly
  • Protects human health – %15 lower noise levels
  • Improved work safety conditions

Please contact us for more information with your requirements.