As Unimak,
Since 1983, we have been producing machines and automation systems mainly for ceramics sanitary ware industry , as well as tailor made equipments for different industries with our experience in machine design and production.
Our main philosophy throughout our history has been the following
”Only satisfied customers would reorder”

With that main principle, our quality policy is as below ;


  • By constantly following the technological improvements and developments in its sector; to present the products that satisfy the customer needs at the highest level and that are designed with high perception of machine safety and saving.
  • By integrating the quality system  fully in the internal structure, becoming a company that improves itself continuously and that develops according to its goals with a measurable functioning system.
  • By increasing our employees’ competence level and supporting their personal development level ; contributing to the company’s own development.
  • Following all legal provisions concerning our subject of activity and our products, meet the necessary requirements.
  • Knowing the needs and expectations of all our stakeholders, do the needful actions in this direction.
  • Unimak managements commits to provide the needed support and resources in order to implement and continue on this quality policy.

General Manager